Thursday, 12 November 2015

Color-browsing? Easy!

As I have already said, I have to think about taxes most of my time, but this blog is a kind of a place, where I’m going to forget about the economy (not a word, not a single sentence about the calculations, ugh). Here’s what I’m thinking right now: there is a new technology that assists in searching for a piece of art based on color. I read about it in this article

I wish I could use that when I was eleven! I remember I saw a picture of a beautiful and magical sunset and an unknown city. I was impressed by the colors, that drawing style, but I didn’t know the author of that masterpiece. Just a few years later I learned that was “Sunset in Venice,” by Claude Monet (please, do not confuse him with Édouard Manet).

There are so many brand-new technologies, an ocean of various devices and what do we have today? A generation that uses smartphones and Wi-Fi to download another game while there are so many opportunities for self-improvement! Don’t waste your time on pointless apps – use your computer to learn new things and become more intelligent!

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